You will find some nice music here. It's mainly my (== Martin) selection.

Lets start with some easy listening from italian Lacuna Coil. LC is often called a goth metal act with an interesting contrast between male/female singers. The same concept is used by the norweigian goth metal act Sirenia. Swedish Katatonia on the other hand has gone from the growls of "Death metal" to "Goth metal" to "Progressive metal". Personally I've got very limited tolerence for Death Metal, but whatever - to each their own.

Having covered "metal" lets step over to the neighbours, looking at Industrial/ Industrial Metal. According to Wikipedia, I got everything confuddled. Industrial is the electronic style, while what I thought was Industrial is actually Industrial Metal. Whatever, it's pretty brutal, somtimes pretty dark, but always really good (well according to taste then...). I don't think Rammstein nor Nine Inch Nails needs an introduction, the others are classic acts. KMFDM are originally from Germany as are Die Krupps, the others are north american.

So ... here we go ...




Continuing on our exploration, and taking up on Collide, lets move on to "Dark wave". I always saw it is a form of electronica, but apparently it's not necessarily so, maybe I confuddled it with EBM at one time, so I'll throw in some EBM here as well. The important thing to have in mind here, is that all or at least most of the bands here move freely between genres so some, like DM, might be recognized for their original style. It is also obvious, from the Wikipedia definitions, that the genres are likely to flow into each other, so even if one band if mainly considered EBM they can for parts considered Industrial, and so on.

So, without spending more time on words, lets present some Dark wave and EBM for your enjoyment ...



And then of course, there is Goth rock and Goth. Surprisingly Wikipedia doesn't mention the one band is usually accused of starting this genre (or not, as they never considered themselves goth rockers), so you'll find them first in the list here. Wikipedia, instead says

So let's go and have a listen.


The last band on there will transition to a lot of other great stuff which isn't on here. Like, Tool, Type 0 Negative, Voltaire, Wolfsheim, And One, Eisbrecher, Black Keys, The Presets and so on - go and discover in the darker regions yourself.